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TITAN mutifunction flatbed trailer with side wall

TITAN Multifuction flatbed trailer with side wall


Product Description

 TITAN supply multifuction flatbed trailer with sideboard, this type flatbed trailer not noly transport of 20ft container , 40ft container , but also can delivery steel ,lumber, heavy equipment and any other item.

We adopt premium steel material, advanced technology and strict production to our semi-trailer. The trailer chassis automatic submerged arc welding to ensure the welding seal solid.


1. The style and the fence structure of the multifunction semi-trailer are designed reasonably by considering the cargo type. On the basis of meeting the loading capacity, the cargo body weight is reduced fully.

2. The frame of the vehicle adopts the space frame structure of welding the longitudinal beam and the integral through type cross beam. It is outstanding in strength, rigidity, toughness and bearing capacity.
Meanwhile, the frame won’t come out with permanent deformation.

3. The multifunction semi-trailer avails itself of the new type suspension system which is highlighted by high strength and strong impact resistance.

4.Good brake effects. Axles are equipped with WABCO emergency brake valve also dual-brake chamb-
ers also widen brake pads

4. The sides of semi-metal,the front shield and a metal reinforced.

Remark  This Specification just for your reference, we can produce flatbed container  trailer as your demands.
 Dimensions  12450mm*2490mm*1575mm
 Loading  Capacity  45T
 Tire  11.00R20, 12.00r20, 11R22.5, 12R22.5, 385/65R22.5
 Rim  9.00-22.5 or 9.75-22.5
 Axles  13T/16T BPW or FUWA brand
 King Pin  2 inch or 3.5 inch JOST Brand
 Brake  System  WABCO Valve and relays/ABS
 Landing  Gears  28 ton JOST
 Susension  Tri-axle Bogie suspension , Mechanical spring suspension or Ari suspension
 Electrical  12V or 24 V
 Light  LED light ( speically intended for africa market)
 Container  lock  4 unit, 8 unit or 12 units
 Painting  Sndblasted, anti-rust chassis surface is available with 1 layer of anticorrosive primer and 2 layers of  top coats
 Options  20ft, 45ft, 48ft , 2 axles or 3 axles, Bulk head / Front wall


Production equipment
1. Advanced production line and techinical equipment for container trailers, and the production capacity of 100 unit per month. Stock avaliable , Delivery time within 15 days.
2. Make to order : TITAN have capacity to design and produced flatbed trailer according your customers specific requirements.
Customer Visiting

Contact Information

  Place order with in  this month , we will supply you 500 USD spare parts freely for you.



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