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40 Ton Low Bed Semi Trailer Lowboy semi -trailer low bed semi trailer

40 Ton Low Bed Semi Trailer Lowboy semi -trailer low bed semi trailer


20% OFF Sale ! Welcome to inquiry.


Product Description

TITAN lowbed semi trailer used to transport rail vehicles, mining machinery, forestry machinery, engineering machinery, such as excavators, bulldozers, loaders, paver, crane, etc

TITAN ODM Service : As a truck trailer manufacturer for many years, We accepet meet any kinds of low bed trailer customized requirement .


If the beam of low bed trailer is broken , we will make a new trailer for you within 2 years.

  • 2 axle 40 ton low bed semi trailer 

  • 3 axle 60 ton low bed trailer for Zimbabwe market.

4 axle 100 ton low bed truck trailer for Congo market.

  • 5 axle 150ton low loader truck trailer with Hydraulic ramp and steering axle 
Our Advantage


High Strength Torsion resistant main beam and side beam↓

  • Reference Drawing :

  • Optional suspension for different road condition
Leaf Spring Suspenion /16 ton bogie suspension / Air ride susupension
Porduct Video Show

 The video of low bed semi trailer



 3 axle 60 ton low bed trailer

4 axle 100 ton low bed trailer

 Gooseneck low boy trailer

Multi Axle Moudlar Trailer

Welcome To Contact


Welcome to contact with us. Any questions will get a timely response . 


TITAN VEHICLE  : Supplying the most durable truck trailer is our lifelong promise

  • Place your order now,presenting 500 USD quick-wear parts freely for you .




China Titan semi truck trailer manufacturer/supplier , can offer fuel tanker semi trailer ,tank container,flatbed semi trailer /low bed semi trailer /low loader trailer ,dump truck ,dump truck trailer ,reefer/refrigerated truck and trailer,container side loader,cargo trailer,bulk cement tanker semi trailer etc

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