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TITAN Steel 3 Axles 42000l – 60000 Liters Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer For Sale

TITAN Steel 3 Axles 42000l – 60000 Liters Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer For Sale

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1. Product Introduction

Titan can offer different type of trailers for carrying fuel, diesel,  water and any other liquid materials that one of the is Tanker Trailer type. Tanker Trailer type is a very good design and can be reach to 50.000 Liter capacity with 4 axle. Titan Trailer can offer 2-6 compartments and Tanker Trailer type can be produced according to international regulations . more details ,pleased contact us——
Tel:+86 53188997626; Email:barry @;

2. Picture Shows

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3. Main Features

& Tank Rolling machine: welding tanker body, sealing plate and anti-wave baffles together, greatly improve production efficient.

&Bending pipe machine: pipe line of tanker can one-time forming, no need welding.

& Tanker body with carbon steel material, easy repair and low maintenance costs.

&Professional painting workshop, high paints adhesion.

4. Detailed Image

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5.Related Products


6.Successful Cases


1- Since 1995, With over 20 years experience

2- 2 Years Guarantee for all the the beam of trailers

3- Semi trailer export amount ($ 340,000) remain the No.1 in Alibaba

4- Reliability, Safety and Economic Transport solutions.

5- Custom Production according to demand

6- Strict quality control, out-standing quality assurance

7- Stock Trailers and immediate delivery

8- After-sale service available, Email will be reply within 8 hours.



China Titan semi truck trailer manufacturer/supplier , can offer fuel tanker semi trailer ,tank container,flatbed semi trailer /low bed semi trailer /low loader trailer ,dump truck ,dump truck trailer ,reefer/refrigerated truck and trailer,container side loader,cargo trailer,bulk cement tanker semi trailer etc

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